One of MIAVIT’s characteristic features and at the same time our major business area is the production of premixes for the compound feed industry and the pet food sector. We produce premixes meeting the individual requirements of our customers. Feel free to contact our specialists regarding your individual wishes.

Why MIAVIT premixes?

  • Tailor-made premixes meeting individual requirements
  • High-quality raw materials from reliable and certified suppliers
  • Experienced and highly-qualified staff
  • Approved manufacturer according to the German feedstuff regulations



Of course, MIAVIT is an approved manufacturer according to the German feedstuff regulations. Our production is constantly supervised in our in-house laboratory and controlled by the inspecting authority in charge. Our name stands for the highest quality standards. It is our commitment to only use high-quality products from reliable and certified supplieres for our premixes.


Premix formulation is more than only mixing micro ingredients together. The goal is to create premixes which fulfil the requirements of the target animal species and which remain stable until consumed. Also the premix must fulfil some technical requirements e.g. flowability, shelf life, dosing accuracy and other specific requirements of the feed mill. All knowledge regarding raw materials and their chemical as well as physical behaviour inside of different premix types must be considered. Respecting the economic aspects are critical to find the right balance between optimal nutritional supply and improvement of return of invest for each customer. Through the right choice and combination of feed additives it is possible to improve overall animal health, feed intake, feed conversion and environmental sustainability of animal production.



Let's talk about mixtures!

At MIAVIT we not only produce premixes and supplements for the animal nutrition and food industries, we also offer a range of services and know-how. Interested?

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